The educational project "The Last Feat of General Berzarin" tells how in the spring of 1945 the USSR restored post-war Berlin immediately after its surrender and before the division of the city into occupation zones.

Nikolai Erastovich Berzarin - Colonel-General, Hero of the Soviet Union, the first commandant of post-war Berlin in 1945.

During 54 days as military commandant, Nikolai Berzarin provided the residents of the city with food and medicines (two million berliners was threatened with famine), prevented the emergence of epidemics, opened schools and kindergartens for the first time in several years, organized work on the restoration of city buildings and engineering communications.

The project includes exhibitions in Moscow and Berlin, a children's chess tournament, field lessons, street activities.

The project is being implemented in Russian, German and English.

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The team of the project:

Head - Olga Rogaleva, President of the NGO "OZON";
Scientific consultant - Dmitry Surzhik, Candidate of Historical Sciences, employee of the Institute of General History of the Russian Academy of Sciences, co-author of the fundamental multi-volume work "The Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945" in 12 volumes (Moscow, 2011-2015) - II, IV, IX volumes;
Design - Andrey Ivakin;
Coordinator in Berlin, video - Yekaterina Dettmering;
Games section, backend developer - Valentin Stekolkov;
Information specialist - Natalia Androsenko.

Project is created by Regional Public Organization “OZON”

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