The last feat of Nikolai Berzarin


Video 1. Bersarinplatz (eng)

The history of the square Bersarinplatz in Berlin (eng). Why this square is named in honor of general Bersarin?

Video 2. Berlin on the verge of disaster

How did children, women and old people live in Berlin before the arrival of Soviet soldiers? What difficulties did Commandant Bersarin face? Please switch on the subtitles.

Vidoe 3. Berlin 1945: 1 million Berlin children saved

Berlin Commandant Nikolai Bersarin saved 1 million Berlin children from death. Please switch on the subtitles.

Video 4. Banner over the Reichstag

What banner appeared over the Reichstag on May 1, 1945? What does it symbolize? What does it have to do with the first commandant of Berlin - Nikolai Bersarin? Please switch on the subtitles.

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